About Crivedi

Founded in 1990, Crivedi is based in Trofa, in Greater Porto. We pride ourselves on adhering to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) as we care about our environment. We exceed our clients expectations by delivering a superior product as a result of an exceptional manufacturing process. Our experience over the last 30 years has ensured our expertise and industry knowledge, which enables us to offer personalized solutions to suit our clients needs. After all, they are our priority. Crivedi is a young dynamic and versatile enterprise that has specialist teams of experts in patterns and technical production of prototypes and samples.

We thrive by following and adapting according to the evolution of the market, both in raw material and technology. Our main priority is to satisfy our clients needs. They are the driving force, which allows us to create a bespoke service. It’s important for us to be able to demonstrate to our clients that we’re able to respond to their needs in real time and doing so establishes trust.
We are proud to be a global enterprise with partners all over the world. Such connections are vital to offer a extreme bespoke service to each individual client.

Our statement on the market

Our dedication to constant study and investigation of market trends, makes us able to offer solutions designed and created to fit each of our clients, following their different needs in the various stages of production.


Being recognised nationally and internationally as a market leader in the clothing industry known for the high quality of our products and unprecedented client satisfaction.


Our mission is to develop and produce an array of outstanding products offered at a competitive price, ensuring customer satisfaction and company growth.


Our company values are at the forefront of every strategic, commercial and human action at Crivedi.

Why we are different

At Crivedi we aim not only to meet our clients expectations but also to exemplify that we can overcome any situation. To that end, our mission centres itself on consistently improving our process to offer a service and products that are recognised in both the national and international markets. Our priority is to ensure top quality products, by using exceptional raw materials.

This is the foundation of what we do and such is what has determined how we have built our network of partners today. Our dedication to staying a top of the latest industry market trends allows us to offer unique solutions to each individual client, following their varying needs in the phases of production.