Our footprint

Adhering to social and environmental standards is fundamental. We pride ourselves on our devotion to the protection and conservation of our environment.
At Crivedi we work on a daily basis to perfect the manner in which we proceed with our ecological and sustainable strategies.

GOTS model

The proposal for the friendly textiles and environment was recognised and compensated with the GOTS model РGLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD. This certificate represents an important mark in the sustainability policy at CRIVEDI. GOTS guarantees that all products with this label are solely produced with organic raw materials.

What is the global GOTS

GOTS is considered the leading norm for organic threads at a global level. This certification was introduced in 2006 and includes social and ecological standards, in order to offer trustworthy guarantees to consumers. The main goal is to define the requirements recognised worldwide and to guarantee organic element and condition of the textiles used.
This involves the whole process, from the harvest of raw materials, the social production and environment conditions, packing, labelling, trading and distribution.

This certification was developed through the collaboration of the main pattern makers and the ultimate goal is to guarantee the credibility of the consumers, meaning that at least 70% of the natural organic fibres are certified in all textile products.
As such, GOTS has established an extremely high standard and is recognised globally as the aspired industry standard in all distribution chains of textile and organic products.

GOTS - Guarantee & Quality

Having been acknowledged by GOTS and received the certification, Crivedi inspires trust and transparency in the entirety of its production process. To that end, Crivedi stands out in the market and as the number one choice for many globally recognised brands.

The Company

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